Change a users pass invisibly (XP)

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Change a users pass invisibly (XP)

Post by dragonfir731 on Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:02 pm

This will show you how to change a users password without anyone able to trace you. This uses the Command Prompt

1. open the start menue and click "run". Key in cmd to start the command prompt.
2. to get a list of the users on your computer, in the command prompt key in net user.
3. once you know the account that you want to change, key in net user (username here) *

NOTE: put the username of the user you want to edit where it says "(username here)" and keep the little "*"

here is an example, for this is want to change the password of an account named "GUEST"

net user guest *

then key in the password that you want to change it to. and then it will ask you to confirm it.

there you go! that is how you change a users password.


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