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Post by Dot Com on Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:56 pm

In Addition to Forumotion's Terms of Service here are some more forum rules:
Check these rules often, for they may change without notice.

-No messages that qualify as spammy are allowed( such as: one-three word posts, just emoticons, and other spammy things) The user will receive a warning and then after 5 offences will be locked out of the site for 2 days
-No Staff Shall unlock topics just to post and then lock them back up again
-Double Posts(not separated by 24hrs) are not tolerated
-Flood topics are also not allowed (topics way off topic. Locked Moved to Garbage)
-Stay on topic
Color and Bold are not allowed for they are used to moderate
-FOLLOW ALL RULES IN PMs AND FORWARD ANY BAD ONES TO STAFF! [PMs are NOT a right...They can be suspended if you mis-behave!]
- Don't abuse the chat box- IT IS NOT A right! WE CAN BAN MEMBERS FROM IT!
- Please be respectful to all authorities, we have many members and need to keep it a happy place.
- If you make anyone feel unsafe in anyway you will be punished.
-PLEASE FLAG ANY INAPPROPRIATE POSTS! I cannot stress this enough! It's the best way to grab the attention of a Mod or Admin!

PUNISHMENT PROCEDURE:1. A Polite reminder 2. A Polite reminder & a Link to the Rules to re-read 3. Stern Warning 4. Very Stern Warning 5. Banned for a Day6. Banned for a Week7. Banned for2 Weeks 8. Permenant IP Address Ban (Adios for good!) [This means that your IP Address will be banned, preventing you from ever viewing the site again] Please note that this Policy is not Counted for every time you break any go up the Punishment Procedure scale seperatly for each Rule you break
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